Pipe Lining Supply

2970 E. La Palma Ave
Suite J
Anaheim, CA 92806

Phone: View Phone Number888-354-6464

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Company Description:

Pipe Lining Supply is a leader in the distribution of materials and equipment used in the lateral sewer lining and DWV rehabilitation business .  The company was formed to support customers who need training and support as well as the equipment and materials to rehabilitate aging sewer laterals.

Our goal is to serve the industry with a complete warehouse stocked with the best products at the lowest delivered cost on a timely basis.

In addition we train and support installers throughout the region to be the most knowledgeable and efficient in their goals. Our staff has many years of plumbing, excavating, pipe bursting, and CIPP lining experience to share with its clients. And now we’ve added DWV pipe rehabilitation to the menu.

Product Information:
Pipe Lining Supply is proud to supply you will all your CIPP and AIPPR needs. Our equipment is lightweight, portable and easy to use. 1) The Quik-Shot Inversion System for your lateral lining needs. 2)The Quik-Heater makes curing out a liner quick and easy. 3)The Quik-Roller making calibration of the impregnated liner easy & essential to meet the standards. 4) The Quik-Coating restores drain, waste and vent piping (DWV) to a “like new” condition, extending the pipe life another 50+ years.

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