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Company Description:

LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent and reliable leak & flood protection system for your home. It detects water leaks instantly, monitors the water flow rate in the home and automatically shuts off a home’s main water supply in 5 seconds or less to prevent any further damage, and notifies homeowners immediately.  Whether on its own or integrated into an existing smart home system, LeakSmart makes it easy for homeowners to protect their entire home from water damage 24/7, even if Wi-Fi and power go out.

Developed by a team with over 85 years of plumbing manufacturing experience, LeakSmart allows homeowners to relax knowing that if there’s a leak, they’ve got the best defense against potentially catastrophic water damage.

How it Works

Senses leaks. Responds instantly. Prevents damage.  Place LeakSmart Sensors around appliances, water heaters, bathrooms, and HVAC units for non-stop leak and flood protection in your home. At the first sign of unwanted water, LeakSmart sends a signal through the LeakSmart hub to shut off your water supply in 5 seconds or less.

Our Mission

At LeakSmart, we are on a mission to protect every home and family in the world from catastrophic water damage caused by devastating leaks and floods.

Product Information:
The LeakSmart Valve connects directly to the main water supply and automatically shuts off the water in less than 5 seconds in the event of a leak. The LeakSmart Sensors are placed in high risk leak areas and are designed to fit into tight spaces, without shifting or sliding. The hub is the central point of communication. The LeakSmart System will continue to work 24/7 even if Internet & power are down and send you notification through the LeakSmart App.

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