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Company Description:

QuoteSoft Estimating - simplified.

Call for a DEMO at 800-813-7020. We can show you the program and answer your questions about Cost Estimating Software and its benefits to your company.

Takeoff with speed and precision:

QuoteSoft’s industry leading suite of estimating software for mechanical, refrigeration, plumbing, and ductwork contractors and suppliers offers ease-of-use, speed and accuracy, every time.

QuoteSoft generates estimates you can trust. QuoteSoft is a spec-driven labor and material estimating software for piping, plumbing, and ductwork estimators. Featuring pre-built assemblies, automatic duct and pipe generation, and integration with over a dozen data imports and exports to connect estimating data with everything from mobile phones, and plasma cutters to CAD, BIM, project management, and accounting.

The top five reasons why QuoteSoft helps estimators save time, simplify workflow, and help prepare more winning bids.

1. QuoteSoft is easy to learn and easy to use.

No other estimating software is as easy to learn and use as QuoteSoft. Whether you use PDF, CAD, BIM or paper plans, you can be estimating after a few hours of phone and on-line training.

2. QuoteSoft is powerful.

QuoteSoft features specification driven takeoffs, multiple industry standard labor books, fast global changes, and complete assembly customization and integration with your Microsoft Excel worksheet.

3. QuoteSoft is fast.

QuoteSoft features on-screen or mouse input, automatic pipe & duct generation, copy and paste repeat takeoff items, and pre-built assemblies.

4. QuoteSoft plays well with others.

QuoteSoft integrates easily with your existing Microsoft Excel workbook with data that is easy to move into any accounting, or project management package. We’ve also made importing BIM easy, with model based estimating integration, supporting all AutoCAD, REVIT based detailing solutions.

5. QuoteSoft supports you.

LIVE support and training 10 hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Over half of our support calls are handled instantly when you need it. During peak hours, our call queue is short, usually answering your question in minutes.

Our support and training personnel come from the industry. Former pipe fitters, sheet metal workers, and plumbers, as well as computer techs are on-call to answer you estimating questions. All QuoteSoft programs include one year phone and web training, and technical support and program maintenance updates.

Simplified Software for a Leaner Estimating Process.

The last thing an estimator wants is one more task to add to their already full plate.  Instead, they need something that will take their current process and simplify it, making it easier and more efficient. That is exactly what QuoteSoft is designed to do. It takes all the pieces of the process and ties them together to automate many of the redundant tasks.

Intimately Know Your Labor and Material Costs:

Take the uncertainty out of estimating. With QuoteSoft, now you can see exactly how much labor or material went into an item during takeoff to easily identify areas for improvement.

Estimating from PDF with On-Screen Input:

Import PDF files directly into QuoteSoft to perform takeoff on-screen, creating an audit trail of items. Speed takeoff by taking advantage of automatic duct and pipe generation and see exact fitting labor and material data while you takeoff.

Estimating from the BIM Model:

Encourage your estimators and sketchers to collaborate, while providing essential confidentiality for labor and material data. You can keep your work private or share it back to the model.

One data set, from start to finish:

With dozens of integrations, QuoteSoft is flexible enough to work with your process. Most contractors have to work in different BIM environments.

Mobile Input from the field:

QuoteSoft Mobile Takeoff lets you input lists of pipe, ductwork, fittings and accessories in the field and transmit to the office. No more faxing, box tops, or calling in the list.  Start reaping these benefits for your company.

Schedule a software demonstration and learn how Quotesoft Solutions are the most efficient, accurate, and easy to use estimating tool. 800-813-7020

Product Information:
Call 800-813-7020 for a web-based software product demonstration today. See the benefits of bidding with QuoteSoft cost estimating software for mechanical contractors.

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